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Multi-Unit  Multi-Family

Lake Pointe Condominiums and Townhomes
Spring Lake, Michigan

Facility: Multi-Unit
Function: Multi-Unit/Mixed Use
Services:High Pressure Gas Piping, Domestic Water, Sanitary Piping, Stormwater Runoff Systems
Contract: $250,000
Developer: onemarket properties, Grand Haven, MI
Contractor: Fryling Construction, Grand Rapids, MI

Details: With 19 condominium or townhome units pre-sold before move-in day, this extreme fast track project for developer onemarket properties, Grand Haven, and Fryling Construction, Grand Rapids, allowed six-months from start to “white box” completion! The project included construction of domestic water, sanitary waste, stormwater runoff, and high-pressure gas piping systems for the 34-unit property. The structure is constructed of concrete, steel, and wood framing on upper floors with Gypcrete between floors. First floor space includes enclosed parking for condominium residents and commercial space.

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