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Talent-Driven Organization

Can one mechanical contractor be that much different from another? The answer is an emphatic yes. Certainly, any reasonably competent contractor ought to be able to read plans, follow design specs, and install systems. However, talent brings more to the table.

Talent can thoroughly review plans in advance and have the ability to identify potential construction issues before they ever become expensive change orders or worse, expensive problems. Talent can spot and recommend opportunities to enhance systems and performance without costing more or to save money without compromising quality.

Talent is different than experience or skill. Experience and skills are things taught or learned. Talents are things inherent in an individual’s make up and character; it’s the way a person is wired, not something he learns. The talent we look for and hire have:

  • The innate ability to think differently, to see things others don’t readily recognize
  • The tendency to recognize and solve problems
  • The ability and desire to communicate well; the ability and desire to be exact
  • The tendency to always look ahead and plan
  • An ever-present positive attitude; the integrity to always do the right thing

We provide talent with the support, resources, training, and opportunities to employ and apply those talents. We employ a Servant Leadership model that directs management’s energy to provide whatever is necessary to support each individual, allowing staff members to maximize use of their talents. Our mantra: it’s not about me; it’s about you.

Selecting, retaining, and supporting the right talent is a continuous process. It’s what sets us apart from other mechanical contractors.

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